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The Story of Dædalus  

In a time long ago the Greeks establish civilization . They invented democratic style government, commerce, trade, a monetary system, a justice system, free thinking and philosophy. There was a member of this futuristic community by the name of Dædalus. He was responsible for making life easier for men & women. He was a creative problem solver for man’s interface with his environment. He has been credit for inventing the hammer, shovel and the first attempt at human flight with his escape from the island of Crete. He fashioned wing of feaths and wax for himself and his son. Defying father, Icarus, flew to close to sun, the wax melted and he crashed. But, Dædalus sccessfully flew to Greece. 

DÆDALUS®, INC. was named after this historical innovative problem solver

DÆDALUS®, INC. offers it’s Clients "Creative Solutions Today …  For Tomorrow’s New Market Opportunities"

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