The biggest Chinese screen manufacturer is working hard to secure the contract to supply OLED display for the new iPhone. Which is the largest LCD screen manufacturer in the world? Maybe you will think of Samsung, LG, Sharp or JDI, the famous Korean and Japanese brands. But the correct answer is BOE, a company comes from China. Maybe you haven’t heard their name, but your smartphone is more likely to use screens supplied by BOE. And by 2020, perhaps the most premium smartphones of Apple will also use OLED screen from BOE. BOE has been a partner of Apple since the year of 2015 when they provided screen for the MacBook. By 2016, Apple used more screen from BOE for the iPad. To this year, Apple officially lists BOE in the list of 200 components partners of them. Although BOE success with LCD screen, OLED screen productions is a different story. Brands at the forefront of technology OLED, such as Samsung, also take many years to construct high performance production line. To produce background panels OLED, it needs to pump coloring molecules to each small hole accurately with a size just from 17-25 microns. It means only about a third of human hair fiber, precisely. Currently BOE has been producing OLED screens, but with very low output, and only supply for Huawei to use on the model Mate 10 Porsche Design. Not until 2020 BOE can ensure regular OLED screens supplies with large quantity. Until then, Apple will cooperate with LG to avoid depending on Samsung. According to the Wall Street Journal, BOE considers successful cooperation with Apple is a “stamp of certification” for marking the success of the technology industry in China. The company operated by government executives of Beijing city, with shareholders virtually from state-owned companies. The only screen partner of China would like to assert that their technology is not inferior to Korean and Japanese brands. To BOE, Apple is not only a partner but also provides them much more experience. Strict requirements on quality and yield of outputing from Apple make the company’s employees have to work harder, and they want that. “For improving, you have to fight against the best,” a staff member said. According to Zing.