Facebook Private Profile Viewer – Scanner

Facebook private profile viewer are tools that let you view more than what default Facebook let you see. Regular Facebook profile viewer might just a different client that you can view Facebook and not much else. Facebook private profile viewer can show you more than just what Facebook let you see. For example, Facebook hidden pictures which are usually hidden based on privacy settings. With these tools, you can view these pictures. This does not just apply to Facebook hidden pictures, it also applies to other kind of posts like videos or texts. Facebook is a general social media that are widely used by people all over the world. Originally, Facebook is only available for college students. Since late 2006, Facebook have open to everyone with a valid email address and at least 13 year olds. As a social media, Facebook allow you to upload and post many things, from texts to images to videos…. By default, everyone can see what you post if they have the link to those posts. Facebook have privacy setting that let you make it so than only people who satisfies condition or just you can view what you post. These settings can be applied to your entire Facebook page, doing so effectively turn your Facebook into a private profile.

Facebook privacy and Facebook profile viewer

There are 4 settings to Facebook privacy settings, they are: “Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends only, Just me”. “Everyone” allow everyone to view your contents and your profiles. “Friends of friends” allow people who are friends to your friends and “Friends only” allow only your friends to view your stuff. And finally, “Just me” only allow you to view your Facebook page.

Facebook stalker ? What is that?

Due to nature of Facebook it is not surprising that there is stalker. Similar to real deal, stalkers seek to gather information about you. However, you can not quite sure who are viewing or following your Facebook profiles at any given time. Facebook private profile viewer are one of the tools they can use. In addition to that, there are Facebook scanner that can scan your Facebook profiles for security and privacy issues. Facebook stalker can use these tools to get your information. But you can also you Facebook scanner to better secure your Facebook profiles. This is because Facebook scanner will scan a Facebook profile for privacy or security issues. Because of this, you can use this information to secure your Facebook accounts or profiles. General, it all amount to fixing security issues and choosing a privacy level. Anyway, it is very handy when it comes to checking your profiles for issues relating to security or privacy. And you should check how your Facebook profiles or contents are accessed. If it is too easily accessed, you should look into your Facebook profiles security and privacy. In other words, what Facebook stalker can use to gather information about you, you can use them to secure and make your Facebook profiles and information harder to access.