An ICCID code snipplet can help an iPhone with locked version (lock) to be used as an international version which does not require Gevey sim. Last weekend, many people use iPhone lock has shared with each other how to use this device as an international version. Specifically, users just need to input an ICCID code into the iPhone using a Gevey sim, then take the Gevey sim off, attach the network operator sim and use normally. iPhone lock after this method suffer no bug regarding contacts, checking account (press *101#), display contacts, Facetime or other bugs. ICCID code is a number sequence consists of 20 digits, contains information of the telecommunication company are loaded into the chip of the sim (located behind the sim), base on this number sequence any phone number can be added into a blank sim (sim no number) to use. This is the way transactions staff of the telecommunication company adding subscriber number to blank sim for customers. Typically, iPhone sold with a contract to a network operator will exclusively use that sim. In other words, the iPhone is only compatible with an ICCID code registered to this network. Using Gevey sim, the aim is to create a fake ICCID, located in a strip of the code from the original network, from which through the iPhone to use the network of another provider. However, a spreading this new way is even easier when just using a Gevey sim a single time and ICCID to “transform” locked network to international version without network operator. Nhat Huy, the owner of a shop selling the iPhone in Ho Chi Minh City said the ICCID code has spread on the forums about iPhone several days ago and many users of iPhone lock successfully applied. According to him, this is the code that the iPhone lock business team from China to exploit and provide, not recognized by the Apple system should be easily bypassed. On the technology forum and social network, the number of iPhone lock users are very interested in this issue. Even, according to the disclosure of iPhone business owner at district 10 (HCMC), sales of iPhone lock has increased by about 30 to 50% in the last few days. Earlier, sales of this device is rated as “meager” due to constant problems with the Gevey sim. ICCID code popularity cause many imported iPhone users fear that they bought an international version iPhone, but in fact is the lock version that is “transformed”. A number of comments that shady traders can rely on this to trick unsuspecting iPhone buyers. According to mr. Tran Manh Hiep, admin of forum Tinhte, the easiest way to distinguish between lock and international is to restore the original factory settings. The steps include Settings > general Settings > reset > Erase all content and settings. This is also called the reset line 2 to return the computer to its original state. After performing this step, lock device mounting the sim won’t activate. Besides, the update to the latest version of iOS also makes the iPhone lock to lock back. Therefore, Hiep consider that this is only temporary way and soon it will be fixed by Apple as they done with previous Gevey sims. “That may be a flaw on iOS and soon be patched by Apple. Users need to be cautious when buying this type of iPhone, the best way is to wait a few more days to assess the situation or buy international iPhone, genuine” Hiep said. Nguyen Quang Thai, who has many years experience about iPhone business and repairing in Ho Chi Minh City, expressed doubting, considering this is the “trap” that Apple put out. “Not excluding the possibility that Apple is ‘venting’ to identify machines which are use Gevey sim, then blacklist them. Once they decided to lock it, every iPhone lock actived with this way will the ‘bricked’, including using Gevey sim again”, Thai suspect. He also insisted users should not buy or the best is that they should not buy iPhone lock at this time. iPhone lock is the only intended for a certain market (such as Usa, Japan…) due to their network distributed, can not use in other places. To bypass this, this type of iPhone need to use Gevey sim – a circuit attached with sim card to “cross” Apple system. The use of the Gevey sim are not accepted for a long time but there are still many people use them due to the cost is much cheaper than genuine or international (unlocked network). According to So Hoa.